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Member Alert: Amazon Scam Hits Holiday Shoppers!


Just in time for the holiday season crooks have come up with another credible-looking way to scam online shoppers.

 What is the scam?

  • Shoppers get an e-mail from stating a recent order cannot be shipped.
  • Claiming a problem with processing, the e-mail informs you that you won’t be able to access your Amazon account or place orders with Amazon until you confirm your information.
  • A “click here” link leads to an authentic-looking Amazon web page to confirm your name, address and credit card information.
  • After entering your information and clicking on a “save and continue” button, you’ll be redirected to Amazon’s actual website.

What You Should Know?

  • The scam e-mail subject line will say “Your order cannot be shipped.”
  • If the “from” line in the e-mail contains an Internet Service Provider other than, the e-mail is not from Amazon. 

What You Should Do?

  • If you get an e-mail like this from Amazon (or any other online retailer), don’t click on the link! 
  • If you’ve recently ordered from Amazon and are concerned about missing an authentic update, use your web browser to independently (not through the e-mail) log in to and check under “Your Orders” to see if the e-mail’s details match any of your order information. If the information doesn’t match, then the e-mail is a scam.

If you feel you may have fallen victim to this scam, contact the proper authorities as soon as possible to make a report.

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