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Cedar Point Tickets Are Here!


Are you already planning your trip to Cedar Point this season? Now is the perfect time to stop into Shore to Shore to purchase your tickets.

What’s new at Cedar Point in 2017?

The RipCord has a new name, the park is honoring one of its historic characters by dubbing the attraction Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling. The ride also has a new location. Professor Delbert’s Frontier Flint will now be in Frontier Town where Shoot the Rapids used to be.

Iron Dragon: Virtual Reality! What started last year, is now permanent. Starting at 6 pm every night between June 9 – September 4, Iron Dragon will switch over to Virtual Reality. Guests 13 and older can put on a virtual reality headset while riding the coaster for a totally new experience.

Top Thrill Dragster has a new name! Cedar Point made a 2016 World Series bet with Six Flags Chicago and lost, so Top Thrill Dragster will be known as the Top Thrill Cubster for opening weekend before its name changes back.

Whether you are planning a class trip or heading to the park with friends and family; Shore to Shore has discounted tickets to help you enjoy the world’s largest roller coaster park and check out the new rides and old favorites at a discounted price. We are offering two different ways to save this summer:

Good Any Day - $50.00
Ride and Refresh tickets - $54.00

The Ride and Refresh tickets provide you with unlimited soft drinks with your admission. Please note these tickets are not available at the gate.

Both ticket options can be purchased now and used any day throughout the 2017 season. What are you waiting for? Stop into either one of our locations and purchase your tickets today!

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