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Audio Teller

You can access your account by telephone with our convenient Audio Teller System! With Audio Teller you can check balances, listen to account transaction histories, transfer funds and make loan and VISA payments for free.

Click here if you would like to print these instructions.

Here are directions to use the system:

Call 734-675-3100 or 734-671-5200 press option 2
Press 1 for main menu
Enter Account number and press #
Enter PIN and press #
Main Menu:
1 Balance inquiry
2 History inquiry
3 Transfers
4 Checking information
5 Loan information
6 More options
7 Credit card information and payments
Balance Inquiry Menu:
1 Open share list
2 Open loan list
3 Savings inquiry
4 Checking inquiry
5 Share inquiry
6 Loan inquiry
History Inquiry Menu:
1 Last deposit
2 Last payroll deposit
3 Share history
4 Loan history
5 Deposit history
6 Recent transaction activity
Transfers Menu:
(*Please note that cross account transfers
will follow the regular transfer prompts.)
1 Share to share transfer
2 Share to loan transfer
3 Loan to share transfer
4 Savings to checking transfer
5 Checking to savings transfer
6 Loan to savings transfer
7 Loan to checking transfer
8 Savings to loan transfer
9 Checking to loan transfer
Checking Information Menu:
1 Balance inquiry
2 Check number inquiry
3 History inquiry
6 Check order
7 Check number range
Loan Information Menu:
1 Balance
2 Open loan list
3 Payment inquiry
4 Payment history
5 Payoff amount
6 Mortgage inquiry
7 Mortgage payment
Credit Card Information Menu:
1 Credit card information
2 Credit card payment


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