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Advantages to buying a home during the holiday season!


While most of us assume the holidays aren’t the ideal time to be looking at or buying a new home there are some advantages, including:

  • Less Competition. Let’s start with the obvious. During the holiday season, there are fewer people looking which lowers the chance of multiple offers and bidding wars (something there is a lot of during the spring and summer months). What does this mean? Less competition means you may save some money!
  • Serious home sellers. Why would sellers pick such an inconvenient time to list their homes? Probably because they need to sell. What does this mean for you? They're motivated. Which can translate to less hassle when it comes to negotiation, or maybe a greater willingness on the part of the seller to agree to concessions!
  • Greater Affordability. Yes, home prices have been on the rise, but did you know that they are typically lower in December than they are in any other month?

Whether you are house shopping this holiday season and dreaming of being in that new home by the new year – or you are just wondering if you can save money on an existing mortgage payment; S2S is ready to help you with all your home buying and refinancing needs! Contact us today to get started or simply fill out the information below.

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