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Member Alert: Chili’s Restaurant and Aflac Insurance Company Both Confirm Data Breaches!


Aflac Insurance Company


Last week, Aflac announced a breach of personal data that was exposed via email accounts belonging to a small number of Independent Contractor Sales Agents who work for them.


Clients’ personal information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, policy numbers, social security numbers and bank account information may have been exposed, according to a review completed by Aflac on April 25, 2018.


Aflac announced Friday the internal investigation of unauthorized access of email accounts that happened between January 17, 2018 and April 2, 2018. In a press release, the company noted they took immediate action by resetting passwords, isolating specific email accounts and contacting the affected insurance agents. They went on to state that they are unaware of any misuse of personal or health information at this time.

The company says that it will notify individuals whose private information may have been involved through communication with sales agents. They will also offer credit monitoring services to those consumers whose social security numbers, bank account, or credit card information was involved in the breach. Aflac customers who have questions about their accounts should contact the company at 855.509.0822 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST.


Chili’s Restaurant


Tex-Mex restaurant chain Chili’s is the latest retailer to be impacted by a data breach.

Recently, its parent company, Brinker International announced that customer credit and debit card information had been "compromised" in certain Chili's restaurants. It went on to confirm that no personal data such as social security numbers or dates of birth were breached since it doesn't collect this information.


The company made the announcement one day after it said it discovered the breach.

It has not yet confirmed how many people have been impacted, but the company said in a statement that it believes the breach was limited between March and April 2018.


Chili’s has not released a list of affected locations, but based on a preliminary investigation, it appears malware was used to gather payment card information, including credit and debit card numbers, as well as names of cardholders who made in-restaurant purchases.


If you ate at a Chili’s restaurant anytime between March and April 2018, we encourage you to monitor your account(s) for suspicious activity.

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