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Member Alert: New Phone Scam!


A new phone scam is circulating Southeast Michigan. Residents are reporting that they are receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. These calls dubbed the “one ring” scam usually involve a single ring to your phone and then a hang-up. Scammers are hoping you will call the number back.

A phone call received in the middle of the night is almost never going to be a good call. That is exactly what these scammers want their victims to be feeling when their phones ring. By calling and hanging up, they are counting on your tired state and instilling a sense of fear that something could be wrong with a loved one. So, what happens if you do call back? When victims call the number back, they find themselves connected to an outside US number that charges per minute fees. 

Some helpful tips to be on the lookout for with the “one ring” scam:

  • It’s a safe bet to never answer or call back any calls from numbers you don’t recognize.
  • Someone contacting you with legitimate business or information will typically leave a voice message.
  • Most of these phone calls seem to carry “222” area codes which is an area code from West Africa. There have been reports of a number starting with 33-891 which originates from France.
  • If the phone rings one time and hangs up, it’s safe to bet that it is a misdial or a scam.

If you have been charged from the “one ring” scam or a similar phone scam, you should contact your phone service provider and request the fees be reversed. You should also report the matter directly to the FCC by filing a complaint.

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