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Over 40 Million People Affected by T-Mobile Security Breach


On August 17, 2021, T-Mobile confirmed a data breach resulting in the personal information of over 40 million people being compromised. Those affected include current T-Mobile customers along with past costumers and prospective customers that may not currently be using T-Mobile as their mobile carrier.

What this means:

T-Mobile has put out a statement saying the breach resulted in personal information, including first and last names, date of birth, SSN’s, and driver license/ID information being leaked. Also, T-Mobile has confirmed approximately 850,000 active T-Mobile prepaid customer phone numbers and account PINs were also exposed. As of their post they added, there is no evidence the stolen file contained any customer financial information, which would include things like credit card information, debit, or other payment information that would impact your Credit Union account with us.

What you can do:

If you are a T-Mobile user, it is strongly recommended to change all your T-Mobile PIN and T-Mobile account passwords immediately. In an effort to proactively rectify the breach T-Mobile has been pro-actively resetting some pins and passwords. T-Mobile is also offering customers McAfee ID Theft Protection Service FREE for 2-years. More information on that protection can be found here.

To read more on the T-Mobile breach and what T-Mobile is offering its customers in response to this serious breach, visit their website directly by clicking here.

As a rule of thumb, S2S recommends keeping a diligent eye on your accounts. Should you notice any fraudulent activity on any of your bank accounts at any time, call your financial institution(s) immediately to put a freeze on your account(s).

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