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Facebook Dislike Button Scam


Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg recently answered a question about a "dislike" button in a forum. Did he promise one? Not really. They are working on a button you can click to show empathy if someone posts some bad news.

In the mean time, Internet scammers have jumped on this and are sending people phishing emails with the false promise they can get the new 'dislike' button in their profile. But if you click on any of these links, you may be tricked into giving out personal information, install malware on your computer, or be spammed with all kinds of offers.

If you see any email, message, or posting about a Facebook dislike button, know this is almost certainly a scam. Click on nothing, do not open any attachment, do not fill out any forms and do not forward this to your friends and/or Facebook groups. Remember: 'If in doubt, throw it out!'

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