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Have You Been Scammed? AARP Offers New Interactive Map To Help!


Spot a scam or did you receive a phone call you want to warn your family and friends about? What do you do? Who do you contact? How do you reach the most people and not just a few? AARP has a new interactive map that you can check to see current scams that have happened in your local area or you can even report one that may have happened to you. 

The scam-tracking map shows scams attempted near and far and gives detailed information about what, how and when. The alerts include everything from information about IRS scams, fraudulent sales calls and even phishing sites on public computers. Being in the know about the various scams out there can help you to decipher when someone may be attempting to conduct fraud against you.

If you have fallen victim of a scam or someone contacted you and something just didn’t seem right, you can post your own alert. Simply fill out the, “I want to file a scam now” box by clicking here.

Shore to Shore is dedicated to providing you, our members with resources to help keep your finances on track.  If you feel you may have fallen victim to a scam Shore to Shore is here to assist you in taking the next steps. 

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